A Course in Miracles: Personal Development (Part I)

Dr. Brian J. Sheen
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For science minded students who are spiritually based and appreciate the parallels between quantum physics, modern science and spirituality, particularly A Course in Miracles, the knowledge Brian shares will be eye opening,thought provoking and inspirational. In this Part 1 of A Course in Miracles, he shares a major breakthrough he had when he addressed the most common denominator to all human being in their quest for Self Realization.

What you will learn provide a new perspective for healing yourself or helping others in their healing process. He shares how these principles drive the healing and self improvement processes at all levels of existence, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in what he calls Quantum Embodiment

Each section tackles a different section of the workings of actively turning this philosophical system into an empowering process that epigenetically helps illness to heal at it causal level and transform moments of suffering into rungs on a ladder that elevates you to greater insight and more unifying decision making that reaches into the hearts of everyone in your family, social and business circles.

A Course in Miracles is a powerful spiritual path that has helped millions worldwide shift their lives from one of anger, guilt and fear – to one of peacefulness, love and happiness. Popularized by such renowned authors like Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer and Dr. Gerald Jambolsky, A Course in Miracles helps train your mind to think in new ways to heal unresolved conflicts and grievances from your past and in your current life.


  • chapter 1: The Stress response

About Instructor

  • Dr. Brian J. Sheen

    Brian has been an avid researcher and developer of integrative medicine for the past 50 years and from this created The Science of Quantum Embodiment. This is how he integrates the five levels of consciousness and existence using epigenetic procedures based on neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, Ayurveda, modern psychology and quantum physics to help individuals make powerful shifts to improve their mental,emotional and spiritual abilities and awareness while while greatly improving their physical wellness and enhancing the interpersonal relationships in their life.


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