Golf Cart Body Fat, Reduce, Potential, Size.How A Lot Should A Golfcart Weigh.

In a nutshell, a standard golfcart weighs in at around 950 lbs (431 kilos). This fat is perfect for a 2 person golfcart without a battery. Putting a battery to your golf cart will create 63 fats toward the total fat. A 4 and 6 individual cart weighs 100 (lbs) heavier.

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Would you like to purchase a Golf Cart? Have you ever carried out the investigation to learn the important thing facets make sure you discover before making a purchase order? In any other case, here, i am going to help you with some important critical information to get you to decide which golf cart you actually need. Lets get going!

The actual load from the golfcart that you simply own or are planning to purchase is a vital commitment.

Im constantly amazed for these types of increased prices object, exactly how little reports many of us manage.

Some visitors dont think twice about they buying a wagon, very Im looking to enable you to perfect I can.

When the time comes to towing the cart over the training course, or trying to get right up a high slope, the actual load of the wagon will quickly come into play!

Like every additional auto, the load of a golf cart will drastically fluctuate according to the model of wagon you pick. Whether its petrol or electric powered, and the lots of guests it can enable all affect the as a whole fat.

What amount of Should A Golfcart Weigh

Generally, a golf cart is between 900 fat to 1100 weight. It’s not one scale it is best to straight are based upon in making your own actions as the body fat can differ in accordance with the product made use of as well design type.

Whether its an electric truck with an engine and a sizable electric battery, be expecting 300 fats much. Likewise, in the event that two-seater is 900 pounds, a bigger cart which can hold-up to six individuals would weighing 1100 fat.

The load belonging to the products will likely changes good brand and the design that you may have obtained.

Each brand employs various supplies within their services enjoys different dimension. The E-Z-Go show S4 cart weighs in at about 984 fats whereas the Yamaha Drive2 PTV type is notably small just 785 fat.

Important manufacturers produce tennis carts accessible through different merchants. They furnish various sizes, shades and items like PVC and metal.

it is exciting personalizing your own wagon so it can have that particular push. Youre able to shell out hundreds on a fresh type, thus I constantly have the extra cost for customization may be worth they.

Golfcart Body Weight by Brand Name

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I suggest you take the suppress body weight of your own wagon and incorporate about 1000 fat this. Use this total number as your base body any time determining whether your car or truck can perform towing the golf cart.

The reason why I strongly suggest mainly because the stated dragging restrictions your auto are usually as well lower. Sure your car or truck may be able to tow this sort of big amounts, however will set extra strain on your own sign.

Its preferable to utilize a better wide variety so you’re able to tow easily and stretch lifespan of your towing car.

Should you follow this tip youll thank myself afterwards when it comes time to tow their cart over harsh landscapes.


Occasionally in which youll need to know how large their golfcart was. You might need to store they at the back of your truck or pickup truck like I often accomplish.

The size of a typical cart are generally: width: 3.93 base (1.2m) x duration: 7.87 base (2.4m) by depth: 5.9 ft . (1.8M). This could be nearby the least sizing wagon that you will be able to find inside storage.

The size of a huge six-seater golfcart cost about 146-inches in length times 70-inches wide x 47.2-inches higher. Today’s feeting type of these carts has been running on electric motors and many buyers reveal desire for following the current modern technology.

Your own cart is powered throughout the course and as soon as you’ve finished the days match, it could comfortably feel charged inside the parking section. An individual wont need to be concerned about purchasing fuel or towing it for the course to a nearby gasoline station.

You will find detailed the size and style and proportions of 12 well-known sports carts offered by the time:

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