Hot Aisle Containment vs. Cold Aisle Containment that is Better for the Data Center?

Containment has gone mainstream within the past few years within the data center industry, which includes generated implementation that is widespread use by numerous web sites. In reality, according to a recently available study by the Uptime Institute, 80% of web sites have actually implemented either hot or aisle containment that is cold. While the study represented mostly larger facilities, numerous medium and small facilities have either implemented or are considering some form of containment. This higher level of adoption has kept a lot of people asking the exact same question could it be better to contain the hot aisle or the c l aisle?

A 2011 alternative party empirical study ended up being carried out by Intel and T-Systems in an information center test lab in Germany. They published their leads to a paper en titled, “Data Center 2020 Hot-Aisle and Cold-Aisle Containment Efficiencies Reveal No Significant distinctions.” The name virtually says all of it. So we l k to facets apart from the economics of efficiency to evaluate the relative merits associated with the two approaches to containment.

something to keep in mind, the aim of both hot and c l aisle containment is equivalent to b st IT equipment intake air conditions and create a breeding ground where modifications is built to reduce working cost and increase c ling capacity.

So back to the question, that is better? Assuming a pc space is configured in a way that either can be an choice, hot aisle containment might be viewed as the higher choice since it has some thermal efficiency and ride-through advantages. Nonetheless, because every computer space is exclusive, there is no one definitive solution. For this reason, you should understand all of the differences when considering hot aisle containment and aisle that is cold to help you make a decision appropriate up to a specific architectural environment and business strategy.

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For clarification, cold aisle containment involves d rways in the ends associated with c l aisles plus some kind of partitions or r f over the aisle that is cold. Hot aisle containment includes d rways in the ends regarding the hot aisle and a configuration of baffles and duct work through the hot aisle to the comes back of this c ling units. Drop r f plenums are often used whilst the methods to duct the return atmosphere back once again to the units that are c ling. Both methods have actually their benefits in addition to their challenges

Bypass Airflow Considerations

Aside from the advantages and challenges of each and every strategy, the results on bypass airflow should also be taken into consideration. Bypass airflow takes place when the total movement rate of atmosphere through all c ling devices surpasses the flow rate of atmosphere through IT equipment. Implementation of both hot and aisle that is cold will not reduce steadily the volumetric movement price of bypass airflow in a pc space.

When cold aisle containment is implemented, force handling of the c l aisle is essential to minimize the impact of driving “bypass air” directly through the servers. The excess volume of conditioned air delivered to the space is typically not pushed through IT equipment but enters the exhaust air flow path before returning to c ling units with hot aisle containment.

Both containment techniques, if implemented well, create an environment where c ling product fan speeds may be paid down or c ling devices switched off to reduce bypass airflow flow rates. These adjustments are essential to appreciate some great benefits of reducing fan energy and return that is increasing, which increase the sensible c ling capacity of c ling coils and partial economization hours of any free c ling systems.


If your computer r m had been configured in a way that either aisle that is hot or cold aisle containment could possibly be implemented, with all other facets apart, hot aisle containment is the better option. However, the truth is, each and every computer r m is exclusive. Each computer r m may reveal conditions that will make one strategy more suitable over the other whether it be hot or cold aisle containment. The thing that is best to accomplish is evaluate your web site, assess the benefits and drawbacks of each and every strategy, take into account bypass airflow, and use this information to find out which strategy is suitable for you as well as your facility.

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