John Mayer Girlfriends 2020: That Is John Mayer Dating Now?

John Mayer is well known most importantly for their success in music. Mayer has stacked up seven Grammys and 19 nominations within the last 13 years. Nevertheless, Mayer is renowned for a lot more than “Waiting in the global World to Change” and “Gravity.” He could be additionally fabled for their status utilizing the women.

It really isn’t a secret that Mayer has dated their share that is fair of movie movie stars. We’ve even seen glimpses of just what he may end up like in a relationship by way of Taylor Swift along with her song “Dear John” which will be rumored become about Mayer. Swift composed, “Dear John, we notice it all/now it was incorrect I liked you so? don’t you believe nineteen is simply too young/to be played by your dark twisted games/when”

Yikes. John, should this be you, it appears as though you really understand how exactly to pull in the centre strings. But, there have been women that are many Swift and there were lots of women since Swift. That knows, maybe Mayer’s other relationships didn’t end on this kind of rocky note. In any event, let’s have a look at most of the hearts Mayer grabbed through the years.

Jennifer Enjoy Hewitt 2002

Mayer apparently dated Hewitt from 2002 – August 2002 june. The connection had been reported to be intense.

It is rumored that Mayor wrote “Your Body Is a Wonderland” about Hewitt although it was a short-lived relationship. Him a Grammy in 2003 for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance if it’s true, this two-month relationship landed.

Rhona Mitra 2005

Maybe Mayer stayed low-key about their dating life between 2002-2005 or perhaps took some slack completely, tavsiye however in 2005 he had been verified become dating actress, singer, and model, Rhona Mitra. Mitra is best-known on her part as Holly Marie Beggins regarding the television show Party of Five. Nonetheless, the sparks fizzled down quickly. The connection ended and started in 2005.

Jessica Simpson 2006-2007

Mayer didn’t spare any information on this relationship. In a job interview with Playboy, he freely compared Simpson to “sexual napalm.” Possibly it had been Mayer’s openness that resulted in their split in might 2007; the partnership lasted around nine months.

Minka Kelly 2007-2008

The 2 enjoyed an instant four-month fling prior to quickly shifting with other relationships. But, their love story does not have this type of messy closing. The 2 stated to still be friends when the relationship finished.

Jennifer Aniston 2008-2009

Aniston and Mayer seemed adorable and delighted regarding the address of mags such as okay! Weekly, cuddled up together. Yet, much like Mayer’s other relationships, it just wasn’t supposed to be. The partnership lasted around 11 months. Nevertheless, it is rumored that this relationship led Mayer to their solitary, “Shadow Days.” Mayer published, before/like I discovered myself in pieces in the resort flooring.” you are alone/just as if you found yourself” possibly it absolutely was Mayer’s heart that has been broken this right time around.

Taylor Swift 2009

At final, it had been Mayer who had been reported to be sung about. Rumors concerning the two started initially to travel once they sang “Half of My Heart” together.

Their relationship had been believed to have now been fast only enduring from 2009 – October 2009 september. Nonetheless, apparently it had been sufficient to encourage Swift to create a track about Mayer.

Katy Perry 2012-2014

It appeared like somebody had been finally in a position to hold on tight to Mayer. Nonetheless, the connection had been nevertheless on-and-off throughout the years the 2 dated. Perry and Mayer also collaborated on a song en titled “Who You Love” throughout the course of their relationship. The partnership was less on and much more down since its result in 2014.

Since Perry, Mayer was spotted on times with ladies in some places, but there hasn’t been almost since buzz that is much any solitary relationship since Perry.

We shall have to hold out for Mayer to drop a brand new solitary to achieve more understanding on their love life.

John Mayer is supposedly dating Rich Kids of Beverly Hills truth show celebrity Dorothy Wang but have not revealed such a thing to people.

John Mayer happens to be solitary, the rumor of him dating Halsey is simply rumor nothing more; the 2 are in fact friend that is good.

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